☁︎ Nothing ☁︎︎

This Website is Nothing...

Nothing was made for the purpose of posting and uploading my poems

It's called nothing because, my poems are really nothing, they wont ever be something...


As I sit here gathering research,

You mingle with the others

You don't notice or see me

Only when you want me to join in the fun

It isn’t fun

I sit here starting a plan

You go out there and try to start a life

A life I can’t acquire any longer

It’s gone yet it’s not

I’m here

But only for so long and you don’t even know

It’s been 2 years I’ve planned this

Numerous seconds







How long until you notice

Once again I go through hell

As this isn't the first time

Who am I to say I go through hell

I have everything I could ever want

Yet it’s not enough

Maybe I’m selfish

Or just tragically mental

Or maybe just sad

Like how others like to put it

I’m just sad, they say

They say it’ll go away if I think positively

So long I’ve tried and it’s not working

Tell me why

Why does it hurt

How does it hurt

I ask I beg for your empathy

I sit here crying

No longer researching

Plan in action

No longer in my bedroom

In my bathtub

Water rising as I swallow 5 bottles

Only finishing 3

two blades

Only need one

Starving to death

Lungs punctured with chemicals and cancer

I lay back

A bag on my head

Water rushing



No longer clear

I close my eyes

No longer rising or falling

But dying

i'm so bored

hello idk wtf i'm doing rn